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Marble is among the most elegant and luxurious of stones. Mable has a place anywhere in the home and projects such as marble fireplace, countertops, vanity tops, lobby decoration, wall, flooring and bathrooms for its timeless style, texture and high-gloss polished marble beautiful colors. Xiamen Global Stone specialized in all kinds marble products manufacturing since we started our business includes Marble Slabs, marble tiles, marble trim, marble countertops, marble vanity tops Chinese marble slabs, Italian marble selections, marble medallions, marble mosaic, marble panels and marble caving plates. Global Stone marble products are widely used in hotel decoration, bathroom flooring and wall, kitchen decoration, hospitality tops, cabinet tops and more. The polished or honed finishes are the most common available finished for marble problems, the rustic and antique finishes are also available. Global Stone focus on improving the Chinese marble tops manufacturing from the founded date. Every pieces of marble countertops will cut from good quality of Marble Slabs, during marble processing includes sink cutout, edging profiled, polished, sealing, dry-lay and packing, Global Stone are always insist on full inspection and require the high quality standard of Global Stone Standard. Email us today for get your own marble selections from our wide range color, white marble, black marble and more. We will help you achieve your projects budget. We are looking forward to be the partner with you. No matter you are a distributor, contractor or marble importer, you are always our VIP customer for build the future together.