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onyx is one type natural stone with beautiful, rare and unique. onyx products is different from natural granite marble on its surfaces. onyx Countertops is a strikingly dramatic materials that comes in pastel colors and swirling patterns. Global Stone specialized in all kinds onyx products manufacturing for years. Global Stone provide onyx vanity tops, onyx countertops, onyx mosaic, onyx vanity tops with backsplash, onyx slabs, onyx tiles and onyx products for background wall. With high onyx quality standards and exclusive professional onyx products experience from Global Stone. Global Stone take good care with every orders on onyx products. The onyx options from Global Stone are more than 20 kinds. We believe that you will always find your best favorable onyx color from Global Stone. Buy onyx slabs, onyx sinks, onyx tiles, onyx vanity tops or onyx countertops from Global Stone will be your best choice. Email us today for quotes of our domestic onyx color selections, Chinese onyx selections, Iran Onyx selections and build your kitchen designs from us. We will be your onyx partners on your precious stone productions.